About Us

Who are we?


Toptimum provides operational solutions to both commercial businesses and national security clients through a dedicated workforce of experienced, mission-focused officers. 

Toptimum: Top talent, optimum solutions.


Toptimum was founded with two core themes in mind:

Founder & CEO

Erin Topham

Erin has spent the last twenty-years supporting the Federal Government, receiving multiple awards and accolades for her work. Erin received a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Syracuse University and an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Religion, Culture, & Values from George Mason University. The majority of her career was spent focused on accomplishing challenging missions for intelligence gains. However, Erin also has a lengthy history involved in functional systems analysis, business process & operations, personnel management, and employee engagement. Toptimum allows Erin to combine all of these experiences and live out the above vision!