Got a Referral for Us?

It could Pay Off!

Maybe you're not ready to make a move, but you know someone who is?

At Toptimum, we have a generous non-employee referral bonus program! Hired referrals from non-employees must remain employed with Toptimum at which time, the non-employee referrer will earn $3,000 after 12 months of their referral's successful continued employment. 

Payment will be made to the non-employee referrer via check from Toptimum, LLC and is considered taxable income to the non-employee. Prior to check distribution, the non-employee must complete a Form W-9. At the end of the fiscal year, Toptimum, LLC will then distribute a Form 1099 showing the total distributed income to the non-employee recruiter for that tax year.  Non-employees must report this income and 1099 form on their personal income tax filing for that tax year.

Submit your Referrals (with resume and contact information) to: